~ Spirit Lake Property Owners Association ~
Spirit Lake, Idaho
~ Spirit Lake Property Owners Association ~
Spirit Lake, Idaho
~ Spirit Lake Property Owners Association ~
Spirit Lake, Idaho


Annual Meeting Aug 10th, - Timberlake High School - Sign-in/Social 9:00 AM - Meeting 10:00AM

SLPOA Mission

To develop the capacity within our community to provide a sustainable lake habitat that will allow all people who live, work and play within its environment an optimal North Idaho experience.

The Lakefront Property Owners Environmental Association of Spirit Lake (LPOEASL) better known as Spirit Lake Property Owners Association (SLPOA) has existed since 1973. We are a 501(3) tax exempt non-profit association of individuals and groups with a common interest in protecting and preserving the environment of the Spirit Lake watershed.

Improved Recreational Opportunities
Improved Water Clarity
and Flow
Ensure Natural Plant
Sustain Natural Animal Life Environment
Improving the Fish
Prevent and Control Potential Flooding

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Latest News

News from the Spirit Lake Community

This message is to inform the Spirit Lake Property Owners Association members that an application has been submitted to the Department of Lands to divert the mouth of Brickel Creek and dredge to remove the sandbar that has formed there. The stated purpose is to improve a property owner's dock access. The sandbar formed, presumably, as a result of an earlier human intervention that involved trapping and removed the existing beaver and straightening Brickel Creek. At the time this seemed like a reasonable action. The result over time, however, is increased erosion of Brickel Creek, increased sediment flow into the lake and the formation of the sandbar at the mouth. The sandbar is a natural phenomenon that now may serve to slow the flow rate of Brickel Creek, improve spawning success and trap sediment from entering the lake. Removal of the sandbar poses concerns about potential risks to the lake. Heavy equipment entering the shore and the lake bed below high water may cause some level of damage. Dredging could disturb the sealed bottom of the lake, sending the flow of Brickel Creek directly into the aquifer rather than supplying water to the lake. Next, it could further increase the flow rate of Brickel Creek and thus increase erosion and send more sediment into the lake. The proposed timeline of stream diversion is during the fall when fish are spawning. Finally, protecting the wetlands around Brickel Creek is critical for bird and wildlife habitat, feeding and breeding, as well as for fish spawning. In addition, the Department of Fish and Game, Inland Empire Paper, and SLPOA have invested resources to mitigate the damage resulting from the removal of the beaver on Brickel Creek. Given the implications of the concerns stated above, the SLPOA board is taking the position that a credible independent study should be conducted to determine whether or not the impacts of this proposed diversion and dredging are likely to harm the habitat and ecosystem of Brickel Creek, the surrounding wetlands and the lake itself. This study should be conducted and reported before the application is acted upon. A Public Hearing is going to be held August 1st, 2024, at 5pm, at Timberlake High School, classroom 33349, located at 5973 ID-54, Spirit Lake, ID. People can also submit their comments thru Aug 1st to this email address: The following link will take you to the application:
Last Updated: Wednesday July 10, 2024
Lake Elevation: 2440.71 ft.
Monthly Change: -3.25 in.
Yearly Change: -17 in.
Water Temp: 76 °F
feels like