Purpose: Our goal is to make Spirit Lake welcoming to all. Our residents can ensure this by reporting any violations. We encourage residents to submit a Lake Incident Report if you witness excessive Wakes or Boating Violations. These reports will be consolidated onto a single public map that displays locations and information about the incident(s).
*Your info (email) is not displayed publically.
1) Click the exact location on the map where the incident occured. Zoom-in (+-) first to be accurate in the placement.
The latitude and longitude will be set to this location.
2) Select the Type of Incident.
3) Select Date of Incident.
4) Enter a detailed Incident Description - enter as many details as possible, including; time of incident, boat type, boat name, tag number, boat color, boat description, number of occupants.
5) Upload a Photo (if available).
(* Reports are not immediately posted. Reports will be reviewed and posted if approved.)
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Last Updated: Tuesday June 18, 2024
Lake Elevation: 2441.33 ft.
Monthly Change: -5.25 in.
Yearly Change: -8.25 in.
Water Temp: 60 °F
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