In the spring of 2023, a significant leak was discovered in the lake bottom near high water. It was located on the east side of the narrows about three hundred yards from the Fireside Park boat launch. SLPOA obtained an emergency permit from the Department of Lands and proceeded to plug the “sink hole” in the fall when the lake level was low, which stopped the leak. The leak is likely the result of a deteriorated 16-inch wooden pipe that was probably installed about 5 feet under the surface in the early 1900s as City of Spirit Lake developed.

A property owner spotted another leak this spring at approximately 100 yards south of the one that was plugged last year. SLPOA will work to obtain permission again to plug this new leak when the water level is low in the fall. This may be a recurring issue as water seeks to escape into the open spaced created by the deteriorated pipe. SLPOA will monitor and repair as needed.

Below is a video of the most recent drainage into the new “sink hole.”

Last Updated: Wednesday July 10, 2024
Lake Elevation: 2440.71 ft.
Monthly Change: -3.25 in.
Yearly Change: -17 in.
Water Temp: 76 °F
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